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Do you believe it?


There is a myth that most believe:  I MUST suffer a loss because of my auto accident!  

This is usually not true.  As long as someone else is responsible, you are legally entitled to get back EVERY PENNY that the accident cost you.

One of the ways that you may have lost value is through the depreciation that the accident caused.  No matter how big or small an auto accident is, it will always cause your vehicle to lose value, no matter how “good” the repairs are.  Do not let the insurance company keep the money that you are owed!  See our FAQ’s page for more info.

Our Services

Custom & Classic Auto Appraisal


Buying a classic/custom auto and need to have it looked over by a professional?  Or, do you need to provide the insurance company with the correct value of the vehicle?  We can help you with these.  Contact us today.

Diminished Value


If you have, or are going to have, your vehicle repaired, it will lose value even with the best repairs.  We can provide you with all the tools to get your lost value back.

Display real testimonials


If you are facing a Total Loss (your vehicle is being “Totaled”), we can make sure that you are getting the right amount back.  Most people don’t know that they do not have to accept the insurance company’s offer of payment, which is often very low.

Dealer Fraud


If you have purchased a vehicle from a dealership, and have since become suspicious that it had been in a wreck, call us immediately.  Some dealerships try to sell you a vehicle that they know is not worth the price due to prior repairs.  It is illegal for them to fail to disclose it to you!

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